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Combining Flower Essences and Neurosculpting – By Linda L. Gunter

Flower essences were created in the 1930s, when Dr. Edward Bach developed his Bach flower essences in England – you may have heard of the Rescue Remedy? Flower essences treat the underlying emotional patterns of the body, traditional medicine unfortunately focuses on symptoms.

Flower essences, unlike a homeopathic remedy, work because they reconnect the body’s electrical system (primarily the central nervous system) acting as a bridge that directly connects and fuses the soul to the body.  It is not possible to take the “wrong essence” as if it is not absorbed, it will simply flow out of the body.  Since humans relate directly to the natural world, we can turn to plants to help rebalance and energize our nervous system when it is out of balance.

Flower essences are a good tool to combine with Neurosculpting because as we learn to listen to the body, we begin to understand our brain is unreliable.  When the nervous system is fully grounded and our electrical system is connected, the immune system heals the body.  Even if we are unconscious of the emotional or spiritual cause, we can listen to the body to locate a spot of contraction and remap neurologically to change how our brain responds to the situation. Combining this energy process using a coning[1], keeps you balanced and stable when working with students or clients.

I use Machaelle Small Wright’s flower essences and energy processes.  She has created a research garden to work with nature, Perelandra in VA. She has written several books including “Behaving as if the God in all Life Matters”. She works with nature/energy processes to co-create a more balanced environment[2] where humans take a role but not the dominant role.

The foundation of this practice is muscle testing to ask questions of the body. It knows what is needed to restore health; by asking simple yes/no questions and muscle testing we’ll get an answer. What you are testing is the positive energy that is flowing through your body. You can test this process by asking a question you already know the answer to (i.e. My name is X) and then create a circuit by touching your thumb to your pinkie finger, if the answer is a yes, you notice if you try to separate the digits (using your other hand) the linkage is strong, if the answer is a “no” you will notice a weakness, difficulty keeping the two fingers together, meaning the electrical circuit is weak.  For more on kinesiology, click on this link: PKTT: Our Electric System’s GPS – Perelandra Ltd. (

Flower essences do not expire, as long as the dropper is not contaminated from touching your tongue, they will last forever. Unlike herbal tinctures, flower essences are effective (depending on the individual), by putting 10-12 drops on the tongue. Muscle test and ask yourself about the dosage, i.e., how many times a day, for how many days will you need to take the essence.  Pay attention to your intuition, and if you need to increase the dosage or change the blend, your body will tell you.

I’ve been guided by nature to make a Trinity blend using Azalea, Wisteria and Mountain Laurel blossoms (all three stems) in a formula to overcome the despair and frustration experienced while recovering from a natural disaster.  The trinity blend is used to create hope to begin again, to forgive yourself and others for the forces beyond your control which have created your present situation while enabling you to move on with your life. It uses Mt Vernon (NC) springs water that has special healing qualities. In order to be maximally effective you need to take either the Bach Rescue Remedy or Perelandra’s ETS plus to reconnect your body’s electrical system first then wait 10 minutes and take the Trinity essence.

There are many essences already available – some are single flowers or herbs, and some are combinations that their creator has determined will help with specific issues, such as grief, or depression.  If you would like more information, don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected].

[1] Nature spirits, Pan, white brotherhood and your higher self
[2]  Perelandra website


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