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Latest Past Events

Breathwork Series IN PERSON with Anthony Sosa, M.A., B.A., CNSF, RYT

Join us for this Breathwork Series in person through the month of April every Wednesday at 6pm! Learn to master the art of creating a healing and transformative relationship with your breath. We'll practice these simple, powerful, and efficient tools of breathing from somatic movements, Neurosculpting, and the embodied experiential knowledge. Every breathing practice teaches you an important stress regulation…


Advanced Grounding Techniques for Intuition and Subtle Body Awareness with Lisa Wimberger

The Neurosculpting® Institute 1245 E. Colfax Ave. Suite 207, Denver

In person and online The more grounded the nervous system, the more clearly you can hear the gut signals your body gives you. The more that happens the easier it becomes to decipher the subtleties coming from your nervous system and coming into your nervous system. Your awareness of input through the senses goes up…


Neurosculpting Certification OPEN HOUSE


If you were ever curious about a certification in Neurosculpting, starting your own conscious healing business, or helping others regulate their nervous system then please join us for free at this Open House. Lisa Wimberger will share a lot of information about how a license in Neurosculpting can help you create the world and business…

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