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Join the Neurosculpting® Institute for a Deep Dive into Self-Directed Neuroplasticity January 2017 by: Megan Winkler

In an age when anxiety and stress are at an all-time high, practical tools for self-healing are more valuable than ever. This January, the Neurosculpting® Institute’s signature Immersion into Practical Neurosculpting® Brain Training returns. Founder Lisa Wimberger will lead the 6-week course, which includes 4 live online calls and a global online community.

Learn to become a Warrior

Described as life-changing, the immersion is also known as Warrior 1 and teaches students how to access their natural neuroplasticity — the brain’s ability to change throughout life — for self-directed healing. Participants will identify their limiting beliefs and will gain in-depth understanding of two parts of the brain involved in the regulation of stress. They will discover the limbic system’s relationship with fear and the prefrontal cortex’s relationship to the higher self.

Other lessons learned over the 6-week course include creating a mind-body map for neurological associations and navigating and using six reprogramming meditation techniques to create a new, limitless belief system they can access during times of stress.

The Neurosculpting® Process

To learn more about Neurosculpting® brain training, take a few minutes to watch this video from Lisa Wimberger, Founder and Master of Neurosculpting®:


TWO Opportunities for Warrior One in January

What to Expect

Participants will join Lisa four times during the course, with morning and evening times available for each session. They will also be able to connect via the Facebook Warrior Online study group, a private Facebook group specifically for immersion students. There, participants will help one another in their journey through the course.

“This immersion is truly liberating, supporting getting out of our own way, uprooting old belief systems and truly activating deep presence consciousness,” said one participant. “Lisa’s impeccable facilitation enlivens an ease in dismantling what no longer serves and creating the life we really want!”

The immersion is open to beginners and experienced students alike.

*Important Information about our Online Immersion:

Registration for the immersion is limited to 50 students worldwide. If you plan to become a Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator, this course is a required prerequisite for the certification program. The immersion begins on January 11, 2017.

Video Call Schedule:

4 Wednesday mornings and/or evenings, 8:00 am MST and 7 pm MST

Kick off call: January 11

Content call: January 25

Content call: February 8

Final content call: February 22

Recordings will be available for all participants, offering even more flexibility to students who want to attend on their terms.

Required reading: New Beliefs, New Brain: Free Yourself From Stress And Fear, by Lisa Wimberger

For more information and to register for the immersion, visit:

*Important Information about our LIVE Immersion (also online available):


January 20th, 6pm-10pm

January 21st, 10pm-5pm

January 22nd, 10pm-5pm

For more information and to register for the immersion, visit:

neurosculpting_institute_megan_winkler.jpgMegan Winkler

Open, friendly, and compassionate, Megan Winkler is inspired to make the world a better place. In 2013, she began studying Neurosculpting®, a brain-based approach to healing through the union of meditation and neuroscience. She found that it settled her mind and helped her manage stress in life-changing ways. In 2014, she completed her Tier 1 certification with the Neurosculpting® Institute. As a meditation instructor, Megan provides a safe, comfortable environment in which students of all ages—eight to 108—can unlock their innate ability to experience change and healing in their own lives. She currently serves as the Neurosculpting® Institute’s Editorial Coordinator and Youth Program Co-Developer. She also holds a certification in Nutritional Therapy and regularly integrates nutritional suggestions into classes. When she’s not teaching in person or online, Megan can be found working on her tiny home project with partner Mike and her daughter, singing karaoke, or working on her latest novel.  Website:














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