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Navigating Change for Entrepreneurs by Mariah Ehlert, CNSF

Being a business owner has a whole new set of ‘rules’ that come along with the ‘freedom’ we get.

I’ve always known I wanted to have my own business. Currently, I am running a few businesses and likely will have more in the future. I absolutely love being an entrepreneur- even on the challenging days.

Typically, non-entrepreneurs don’t understand our daily struggles. Daily life typically is uncertain for us. We aren’t getting that regular paycheck, everything falls on our shoulders: both success and failure. We are taking a leap of faith and relying on our heart in many ways to give us that faith, investing our own money, sweat, and sometimes blood into this dream we have. We have to wear a lot of different hats: manager, creative, negotiator, marketer, administrator, etc. It’s a lot to take on. Adding to that load is the stress of changes, uncertainty, variable income, and more- all threatening our sense of safety.

I was working full-time at a Wall Street job, which I’d done for a couple decades, and in the middle of a massive renovation of my home and struggling to get my new photography business off the ground, I was laid off.

Time to fly, sink, or both. And it was both. My life was flooded with so much change and uncertainty.

My reaction to this was stress, some more stress, and a side of extra stress, please! It almost became my default. I wasn’t sleeping, my health was affected, my business was barely moving forward, and I spent my time predicting every possible horrible outcome imaginable.

Now, my business is growing stronger every month, every year, my health is strong, and I feel resilience and excitement around the possibilities and potential ahead. But there are still those days where something crazy is tossed at me like a car accident, taking on a new project that’s way outside my comfort zone, or something in the industry shifting and I have to act quickly to understand, adapt, and innovate.  

For these days, I have my Neurosculpting® tools to help. I use brain science tools to calm that stress response down and to open up the creative, curious mind that can handle change and transition with grace (not fear and stress hormones flooding the body).

I am excited to teach a class on this so you can have these powerful tools. In my upcoming Navigating Change for Entrepreneurs class, you will learn how to navigate change and transition with more ease. It’s not an easy path, but it’s an exciting one. Let’s keep that excitement and creative mind focused on what you can create as opposed to what all could go wrong.


Join Mariah Ehlert, CNSF for her Navigating Change for Entrepreneurs class on June 22nd for more on this topic (online available).

Click HERE for Details and Registration


Photo Credit: Joanna Ziemlewski

Mariah Ehlert, CNSF, MNT, Visionary, Rebel 

Mariah Ehlert, a Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator, Master Nutrition Therapist, Portrait Photographer, and Rebel. She lives in Denver, CO, travels the planet, is a perpetual dreamer, and loves to hike with her two silly border collies. She wants to teach you the tools to live with ease, calm your stress response, and be healthier in mind and body. Your dreams are worth manifesting. And for most of us, this requires navigating our way through stress, tricky mindset shifts, and entraining a powerful pathway for joy.


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