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Neurosculpting for New Habits



Tools for Harnessing Your Brain’s Innate Power to Learn New Habits

What is the number one factor for determining career success and personal fulfillment? The answer isn’t genius, willpower, or passion—it’s habit. “The human brain is a champion for forming habits,” teaches Lisa Wimberger. “Yet that essential quality can also get us stuck in self-sabotaging patterns.” With Neurosculpting for New Habits, this dynamic teacher brings you two sessions of scientific insights and highly effective practices for rewiring your brain to promote healthy, self-empowering behaviors, including:

• How the brain forms habits—and why it retains unhealthy ones
• The crucial role of managing stress when creating healthy habits
• Intention, focus, action, and repetition—four steps for mastering habits, with mindfulness-based meditations for each step

Advances in neuroscience have transformed our understanding of the way our brain acquires and reinforces habits. Lisa Wimberger’s Neurosculpting® uses proven techniques to consciously direct your brain’s natural processes for learning and changing. Join her to learn this powerful approach for breaking unwanted behaviors—and instilling the habits that serve you in creating the life you choose.

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