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Neurosculpting for Stress Relief

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Train Your Brain for Optimal Stress Resilience

How does a healthy brain handle stress? It responds at the moment, then safely releases the emotional energy—yet modern life confronts us with new forms of stress that often confuse and overload our natural coping instincts. With Neurosculpting for Stress Relief, Lisa Wimberger provides essential practices for retraining your brain to deal with stress in a healthy way. “In my 30 years as a teacher and Neurosculpting® coach,” says Wimberger, “these are the most effective techniques I’ve found for transforming the way our nervous system reacts to stress.” These five guided meditations will give you the tools to:

  • Scan the body to reveal the sources of stress and release stagnant energy
  • Defuse the charged emotions around stressful situations
  • Change habitual “scripts” so you can consciously choose how you react to stress
  • Access your inner healing resources to become more flexible, creative, and joyful

It’s easy to tell ourselves that we shouldn’t worry or stress out, but without the right tools, it’s easier said than done. “I’ve used these practices to great effect in helping first responders and clients in the most stressful occupations,” says Lisa Wimberger. Now, this exceptional teacher brings you scientifically grounded meditations to revolutionize the way you deal with stress with Neurosculpting for Stress Relief.

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